We understand that you don’t have the luxury of a six or seven figure budget to get new products or services seen by the public.”

“… we understand that staying ahead isn’t a luxury - It’s a necessity! ”

Our ™DMS (Dynamic Management System) assembles a project-ready team for a fraction of the cost of permanent staffing.

“Innovative Visions LLC is your one-stop solution for all your Marketing and Branding needs…”

“…your success literally is our success!”


 “Why not?”

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Innovative Visions LLC is a consulting firm specializing in product development and  process/functional  management. At Innovative Visions LLC, we know your Brand, Product, Service and Image are the lifeblood of your company. Keeping things fresh, current and relevant always results in consistent growth year after year. It also extends your product cycle. We also know that keeping up with the ever-growing complexities of managing these necessities can become daunting for any manager. Fact is, there is just too much information! Information can be a useful tool, however, it does have its limitations.

Too much, can overwhelm the senses. Too little, makes it impossible to make decisions. Information can actually interfere with efficiency and slow down the growth process. We’ve learned that Information combined with experience generates knowledge. Knowledge is the most efficient way to arrive at the proper decision.

At Innovative Visions LLC we have over 30 years experience with both. We can provide you with the knowledge required to take your Brand, Product, or Service to the next level, and, make you look good doing it!